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choosing a profile picture for dating app

Choose a Winning Photo for Your Dating Profile

Choosing profile photos for social media sites are difficult enough, but choosing photos that are guaranteed to land you your next date adds an extra layer of stress to the final decision.  After all, you are familiar with your connections on social media sites. The opportunity to showcase the many dimensions of your life and personality in just a few pictures makes things a but more challenging. So, where do you start.?

Choosing Photos for Your Dating Profile

Many people view dating apps as shallow. You see a few pictures of a person before judging if you want to have a conversation with them. And while that may be true, pictures are worth a thousand words, and most will go beyond just a person's appearance.

In addition to crafting a clever, but genuine description to cover all of the many dynamics of what makes you you (and within so many characters), pictures help to tell a story of the type of person that's on the other side of a screen. From facial expressions to settings, there are many things a person can interpret from a photo.

Things to Keep in Mind

The DL Dating Team has a few tricks to help our users leave a lasting first impression on their matches. Keep these recommendations in mind to help you choose from the pictures that may already be in your camera roll. 

dating profile photo

Tip #1 : Don't Cover Your Face

Make sure you have clear pictures so your matches can see who they are about to connect with. Avoid wearing glasses and hats or standing in lighting that causes dark shadows. People are also known to pick up on subtle facial expressions. Studies have shown that these subtle facial clues could be what attracts someone to a person. If they are hard to see because of accessories or poor quality, then you will not meet those unconscious attractions. So, that means good lighting is necessary!

Tip #2 : Avoid Group Photos

It's important to show the people that are most important to you, but let's face it. How do you expect a stranger to know who is who? When it comes to dating apps, you want to make it as simple as possible for potential connections to get to know you better. Feel free to add in a group photo here and there, but your profile pictures should highlight you!

Tip #3 : Highlight Your Environmentenvironment profile photos

Environment is key! While you want to make sure you profile is crisp and clear, keep in mind your surroundings. What type of person are you trying to attract? If you want someone active, perhaps you have a picture while hiking or playing a sport. If you prefer someone who is relaxed and more artistic, perhaps you are reading in a cafe or exploring an art district. People associate interests and personality traits with your surrounding. Keep in mind, your environment tells its own story - be sure it gives off the truest representation of yourself.

Tip #4 : Variety of Recent Shots

Be aware of your most current physical appearance in photos. You want to provide the most recent and accurate representation of yourself! Not only will this set realistic expectations, it also makes it easier when meeting for the first time off of the dating app. It is also known that app users feel more confident in connecting with a person that has over 4 photos included in their profile - so feel free to get creative. Include full body shots, head shots and shots of you in your natural habitat.

TIP #5 : Be Modest

Sexy bikini photos and chiseled chests? While many people believe that sex sells, revealing too much may actually be turning more people away. Studies show that more conservative appearances in profile pictures are actually viewed as more attractive on dating apps because it shows more reliability and competence. Align your appearance with your goals for being on a dating app. The DL Dating team suggests keep your online dating profile photos as natural and relatable to your every day look.

At the end of the day, your dating profile should be a direct reflection of your personality and your goals for being on a dating app. While you cannot judge a book by its cover, your profile is the first page to getting to know the true you. Don't allow others to just skim through.

Is it time for a rebrand? Create your DL Dating Profile.

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