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Common Dating Mistakes

You gave it your best shot, right? The reality is: sometimes we don’t because our best shot can be too little, too much, or somewhere far along a different path.

Dating Mistakes

Sometimes relationships just don't work out. Other times, people make mistakes. We understand better than most, dating can be tough. Are you ready to build something that will last, or at least stop making the silly mistakes that lead you back to start? Beware of the following mistakes!

common dating mistakes1. Stop checking boxes

Dating is about meeting new people and enjoying new experiences together. While everyone has, what they believe to be, "their ideal type", stop trying to check off all the boxes. Rather than trying to find a perfect resume score, focus on how they make you feel.

stop playing games while dating2. Quit the games

Don't get us wrong, dating should be fun. But, ENOUGH with the games! There are two main reasons people play games: to protect their ego or to get their way. Games are the start of an unhealthy relationship that will leave both parties questioning one anthers motives, instead of growing together. Were getting a little too old for games anyway, aren't we?

rushing into a relationship3. Rushing into a relationship

Dating is that time period we need to get to know another person. After all, a relationship takes time. They don’t call it “falling in love” for no reason. Falling is a process, which means it’s not going to happen overnight. Relationships that develop extremely quickly will end abruptly. Sometimes coming onto your love interest too strong can even shy them away. Take the time to get to know the person on a deeper level. Learn what motivates and excites them, as well as what makes them tick. If you’re meant to be together, the relationship will blossom at a healthy time.

putting up walls in a relationship4. Putting Up Walls

While some people rush into relationships, others remain emotionally distant from their partners. People who put up walls have usually been hurt in a previous relationship. It’s important to understand that you’re beginning a new journey with a new person. Although it’s smart to be cautious and not repeat mistakes, be sure you’re not blaming your new partner for things a previous person has done. 

misaligned expectations5. Misaligned Expectations

One way to create a disastrous relationship is to not be on the same “page” as the other person. One person might be looking for a serious relationship, whereas the other is intending for a few casual hookups. There's no right or wrong answer, but set the tone of the dates relatively early, that way your relationship expectations do not become an issue down the road.

Are you and your partner speaking the same language? Read more about the Five Love Languages.

So before you start declaring that relationships are no longer possible, take a look in the mirror. Nobody is perfect, but we can avoid these common mistakes the next time we go into a first date.

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