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Why Millenials Are Using Dating App

Why Millennials are Choosing to Date Online?

Online dating was once considered taboo in society. Only “desperate” singles turned to the online community because they were not capable of establishing genuine relationships in person. What once was frowned upon is now considered the norm for singles across the nation. With technology integrating itself into our daily lives, why wouldn’t we utilize it to establish potential relationships.

The Reality of Dating Online

why do people use dating appsWhile some of you are still debating the idea of possibly meeting the person of your dreams online, over 49 million people have already tried online dating (Source). To put that into perspective, there are currently online under 46 million couples married at this time. So, what does this mean? While you are spending time contemplating if it will be worth it or not, others are already finding dates and potentially even their soulmates. You don't have to believe us, but it's important to note that roughly 60% of people believe that online dating is a good way to meet others. As we continue to automate and simplify our lives in this digital world, the stigma behind dating apps has begun to diminish.

Why Do People Use Dating Apps

There are a multitude of reasons why people choose to use dating apps. Some make the decision to download an app spur of the moment and others have a longer game plan in mind. Here are some of the most common reasons people join dating apps:

1. Convenience

Dating apps make it easy! Let's face it - most people are busy. They either do not have time to go out and socialize or they do not want to invest the time into something that may not work, so convenience is key. 

convenience of dating apps

On the flip side of being too busy, people get bored easier. The idea that you can meet someone at the swipe of  finger is appealing to people who are interested in getting into the dating scene. Oftentimes these users are stuck in this uncomfortable position when half of their friends engaged, married or starting families, while the other half are living casually and independently. 

PRO TIP: Either way, it's important to understand what people are looking for. Some people invest in dating apps to meet that special someone and begin building a serious relationship, others may be looking for a casual hookup or new experiences.


We are creatures of habit - same outings, same friends, same results. But dating apps open up a community of new people that may not have been easy to connect with otherwise. Whether you are traveling and interested in meeting people along the way or simply meet someone outside of your neighborhood, dating apps make the world much smaller and more manageable to mingle with others. 


Online dating apps allow users to create their own preferences to filter out their perfect match. What are your deal breakers - location, appearance, interests, lifestyles? And while many people think this adds to the shallowness of the concept, dating app users are able to “weed out” ones that simply aren’t for them without having to waste any time.

Not only that, many dating apps allow you to express what exactly it is you are searching for. True love of casual dates - you get to choose. Before getting too deep into conversations, set clear expectations without misleading potential matches.


Sometimes you just need an easy way to get a pick-me-up! While we don't suggest this be the reason you turn to dating sites, its not uncommon for people to link the two together. With thousands of local singles in your area ready to match at any given time, it could be the easiest way to get back in the dating game.


easier to meet people on dating apps

Meeting new people can be uncomfortable. Not everyone is a social butterfly and many people are not comfortable beginning a conversation. We've all heard the horrible blind-date scenarios or felt uncomfortable approaching someone they do not know. Dating apps make that introduction process a bit easier for everyone. Saying hello from behind a screen is a bit more informal, but if gives users the courage they need to explore new conversations.

While there is no right or wrong answer to why people join dating apps, they do provide people the ability to date on their own terms. What's the reason you will get started?

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